Parke Heritage High School

506 N. Beadle Street, Rockville, IN 47872
PH 765-569-5686  Fax 765-569-1047
Principal Dwight Ashley  Athletic Director Rich Schelsky

Parke Heritage Daily Bell Schedule
Daily Bus and Class Schedule​

Student Drop off and Pick Location / Updated Transportation Routes
Please see the attached map that shows the new bus drop off and pick up location at PHHS.
You will notice that all bus drop offs and pick ups will now be around the tennis court loop coming off of Howard Street, dropping off by or between the tennis courts, with buses departing onto Walton Street.
Students will then get on their buses at the end of the school day at this same location. Buses will line up around the tennis court loop.
Students will enter PHHS in the morning mainly through the main gym doors with the new PHHS Wolf Logo on them. At the end of the day students will leave the building to get on their bus through the same main gym doors or through the side locker room gym door.
All students being dropped off by their parents/guardians will be dropped off at the front doors of PHHS. Cars should follow the one way arrows around the loop of the front parking lot.
The back lane of PHHS will be closed. No through traffic will be allowed through the back lane at PHHS.

Thank you for your attention to these details and patience as we adjust to these changes and the construction on Howard Street.

Mr. Ashley
​PHHS Transportation Map
Route for Staff & Visitors
Route to PHHS Main Student Parking Lot (Football Field)