eLearning/Remote Learning

Internet Access Outside of School:

WiFi access points have been added to the NCP school buildings to extend internet access outside of the buildings. Students and staff can now access the school internet from the parking lots of Rockville Elementary, Parke Heritage Middle School and Parke Heritage High School.. The internet should reach anywhere in the school parking lots. Only NCP provided equipment will work on this portion of the NCP Network, which includes student Chromebooks. No other mobile devices will be able to use the school internet services

NCP hopes that this service will assist students with their needed assignments when they are on eLearning or remote learning.

Other Sources of Internet Access

Rockville Elementary School Front Parking Lot
Turkey Run Elementary/Parke Heritage Middle Schools PHMS Front Parking Lot
Parke Heritage High School  Front Parking Lot

Parke County Public Library- patron.wifi network available both inside the building and in the parking lot
Parke County Courthouse- password is 2019@PCcbf (Note: the password is case sensitive)
Kingman Public Library- inside open from 11:00 to 5:00, WiFi is also available outside the building. They also have three WiFi hotspots that can be checked out. 
Bellmore Fire Station- The password is on the LED display board.
Bloomingdale Friends Church

Connect your Chromebook to non NCP Wi-Fi Instructions


eLearning/Remote Learning Expectations

These expectations were developed by NCP Administration and Staff.