Return to School Plan

“Pending any future outbreaks, declarations of pandemics, or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of North Central Parke Community Schools, all North Central Parke Community Schools students, staff, and parents should plan for in person instruction to begin on August 9, 2021 continuing through the end of school May 24, 2022 and beyond.”

Approved April 21, 2021

Welcome to North Central Parke Schools

Welcome to the North Central Parke Community School Corporation website.  North Central Parke, or NCP, is made up of four schools including Parke Heritage High School, Parke Heritage Middle School, Turkey Run Elementary and Rockville Elementary.  Our history is one of building strong character through academic and extracurricular activities. We maintain high expectations for students and strive to guide them to successful outcomes by fostering critical thinking skills and the development of problem solving abilities.   Our educators work diligently toward success for all students.  If you have questions about any of our programs or would like to explore becoming a part of the NCP Family contact us and we will be happy to help. Sincerely,
Mike Schimpf
Superintendent North Central Parke
[email protected]