Food Service

North Central Parke Food Service Department

Food Service Director:  Tammy Breedlove
Phone:  765-569-4192
Email:  [email protected]

Site Managers
Rockville Elementary:

Turkey Run Elementary/Parke Heritage Middle School: 

Parke Heritage High School:  Elizabeth Rukes, [email protected] or 765-569-4150

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Over the course of this year, we have had menu changes on a number of occasions. I would like to give an explanation for these. When I enter our orders online I am viewing stock that our vendors may not be able to provide due to shortages that they are experiencing. Menus are built around our orders as we expect that the vendors will be able to provide what has been advertised. If there happens to be one of these instances I try to sub as close as we can to the entree on the menu as possible. I’m sorry for all the inconvenience this may have caused, our year has definitely been a year of change.

I’ve been working with our sales rep each month to put together menus that will work well for students, and during this time, we are having to be extra flexible. Thanks for your understanding.

I have let site managers know that if there is a menu change to immediately put it in a menu and send it to all staff and principals.


Tammy Breedlove 

Food Service Director

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Colanna Crowder
Rockville Elementary: 
Colanna Crowder
[email protected]

Darrell Smiley
Turkey Run Elementary and
Parke Heritage Middle School: 
Darrell Smiley
[email protected]

Beth Rukes
Parke Heritage High School: 
Elizabeth Rukes
[email protected]