Harmony Parent Access Information

Parent Harmony Access Account 

These short videos can help you learn how to :
Make An Online Payment
Create A Family Access Account

If you know your Parent username but have forgotten the password you may use the "forgot my password" option located below the login.  If you are still not successful logging in or you don't remember either your login or password send an email to this link for help.  Harmony Parent Access Password Help
In your message or email you need to include the following information so that we can properly assist you:

Your Name, Student Name, School Attending, return phone number or email address.

If you still need help call (765-569-4144 or 765-569-2718).

Online Student Registration

Once logged into your parent Harmony account, find the "online registration" section.  The Online Registration section will list all of the online registration forms. Once a form is completed the form checkmark will turn green.   Complete all forms. Registration forms are only visible when you are logged into the Parent Account. These forms must be completed separately for each of your school age children.

If you need to complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Applcation you will need to complete the form using your financial and income information.  For questions regarding this contact Tammy Breedlove, Food Service Director at 569-4308 

If you don't see the Free and Reduced Lunch Application for your child the school is already aware that they qualify for Textbook and Lunch Asistance.